Value-oriented brand presentation

We are able to provide selective brands with professional representation and distribution allowing efficient access to the US retail and consumer market.

We strongly believe in the protection of the manufacturers core business, reputation and brand value. This is one reason why we strongly support a fair and value oriented pricing approach that reflect the high quality materials, craftsmanship and designs of their products.

Distribution services might include but are not limited to:

"Best-Match" Partner Research

Researching and identifying potential best-match retail outlets.

Retail Certification

Evaluating and granting eligible retail outlets "authorized retailer/dealer" status.

Brand Protection

Ensuring accurate product display, description and presentation in-line with manufacturers core business values and brand recognition.

MAP support

Employing, monitoring and enforcing MAP agreements.


Providing authorized retailer online access to "Retailer-Portal".

Protecting Product Perception

Monitoring and ensuring display of homogeneous brand message and value-oriented price structure throughout all possible retail outlets.