Transatlantic core business consulting for your US presence

We believe that we add most value by guiding European based companies in introducing their products & services to the US-market and/or setting up their US presence while preserving their core business values and structures.

Whether a company intents to simply display presence and commitment to the US market by creating an Online platform - or plans to build complex distribution- , commerce- and fulfillment services = we employ a highly individualized and modular, thus risk-balanced approach to create the appropriate US based infrastructure.

Possible consulting services might include but are not limited to:

Project feasibility & due diligence

Market entry-. demand- and expansion analysis.

Structural resource analysis

Analyzing specific needs and necessary components based on individual products, services and expectations.


Research of available and appropriate infra-structure components, providers, vendors and partners.

Infrastructural set-up

Analyzing the most efficient goal-oriented combination of market components.

Process & Structure Analysis

Analyzing efficiency of current process & structure..


Consulting, assisting and representing in setting up contractual terms, conditions and pricing negotiations.


Consulting, assisting and representing in setting up modular infrastructure components.


Overseeing, consulting and representing day-to-day management with service providers, vendors and partners.