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What We Do

Creating value for consumer & retailers alike.

We believe good business is only possible if everyone involved is happy.

That is why we at Amiganien work hard to create value for both, the consumer as well as the retailer, by providing only the highest quality of products manufactured by some of Europe's most respected manufacturers at just the right price.

Now if you simply add good friendly people that actually know what they are talking about = it does not get better than that..

So what can we do for you today?

Our Services

  • Espresso Maker Wholesale


    Representing some of Europe's most respected manufactures of high quality Espresso & Cappuccino Equipment.

  • Amiganien Retail


    Offering a large variety of high quality European Kitchenware through our company owned and operated websites

  • Espresso Maker Distribution


    Providing selective brands with professional representation and access to the US retail market.

Amiganien, LLC

3439 Mayhew Forrest Lane
Charlotte, NC 28227

Phone: (704) 545-2287
Fax: (704) 780-1582